Sunday, March 15, 2009

Some changes to come...

Just to fill everyone in since my last post...Since June I have been having pains under my sturnum that wraps around my side under my rib cage and radiates between my shoulder blades. It would be followed by diarrhea. It feels like I'm having a heart attack at times. So, in June I went to the doctor and they did an EKG, ultrasound on my gallbladder, liver, spleen, & kidneys, an echocardiogram, a 72 hour holter monitor, and all types of blood work. Everything cam back fine. So, I have lived with off and on pain since then.

Tuesday morning, I woke up and as I was walking out the door, the pain hit me so hard, I doubled over. I went on to work and all day I had I had the pain. When I left work I had to go get my hair cut. While I was riding down the road, I had the worst pain I had ever felt! It took my breath away! I felt like I was short of breath! I was able to make it to the place where I get my hair cut. I called my husband and told him what was going on. He called his mom to come get me and take me to the ER and told me he and my parents would be on their way. I got to the hospital where they rushed me right on back. They started an IV, got some blood to test (CBC, BMP, D-dimer, coagulation, CPK, Troponin), did a urine test, & did a chest x-ray. In the mean time, they gave me Morphine, Zofran, & 4 baby aspirin. When I woke up, American Idol was on!

They sent me home to come back in the morning for an ultrasound on my gallbladder and to follow up with my family doctor that afternoon.

I had my ultrasound at 10 am and saw my family doctor at 2 pm on Wednesday. Everything was fine. So I go this Tuesday for another test. It's a nuclear test that tests the function of the gallbladder. If this test comes back fine, my doctor is going to refer me to a surgeon to see if they can figure out what is causing my pain.

My pain is not is bad as it was Tuesday & Thrusday, but I still have moments when I hurt pretty bad! I hope we can figure out what's wrong!

In the mean time, when I stepped on the scales at the doctor's office, I knew I had to make some changes in my life. This weekend, Wayne and I bought the Wii fit! Just from what little bit I've already done on it, it really gives you a work out! I hope that I can get some weight off. Wayne and I have agreed to do this together. We thought maybe we could keep each other motivated and if it works, save money on gym costs! I'll keep you posted. My goal is to try to lose 4 lbs each week.

Please keep me in your prayers and pray that my pain source will be found and it can be fixed!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

One Weird Night....

Last night, the gang had a blast! We grilled hamburgers & hot dogs. We had some baked beans and chips. It was really nice! Since the weather was really nice, I got out the blender we got for a wedding gift (that has never been opened) and took it to the cook out. We made some smoothies! They were a hit! After the sun went down and it was dark, we headed outside and started a bon-fire! We were having a blast. Right down the road we started seeing blue lights. They had started a license check! Let's just say we could see everything and hear a lot too! We were sitting there minding our business and somewhere through the woods behind Anthony's house we heard a scream! We didn't pay it no never mind...we just kept on with the party! Wayne and I got ready to leave and went in the house to clean up some things (maybe gone 10 minutes), went back to say goodbye, and left. As soon as we got home, the phone was Anthony! He asked Wayne if he remembered hearing that person get slammed against the car? Wayne told him it must have happened while we were inside. Anthony proceeded to tell Wayne what they heard. He said about 5 minutes after we pulled out his driveway, 2 guys came walking up through the woods! Jamie grabbed his shotgun and the guys took off into his neighbors yard, got in a car and drove off!!!! Then a cop came flying by and a few houses down pulled them over! Anthony said he went down to the license check and told the cops they came through the woods through his yard & into his neighbors yard and left with a car from there! The officers said, "Oh really," told him thank you and sent Anthony on his way! I told Wayne had we still been there I would have peed in my shorts!!!!

I'm sure with their location the cops got a lot of intoxicated people! We had an awsome time last night! I can't wait to do it again! Hopefully we can start doing this every month, that would be awesome!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Just Rambling...

To start with, on Thursday, Shari & I went out for dinner! We had an awesome time! Before Thursday we would speak in passing at work and make occasional conversation about residents in the hallway. However, after Thursday night, I made a new friend! We ate at Applebee's. We got there around 4:45 and did not leave until around 7:30! I had a blast and I feel she did too! It's nice to be able to go out with the girls from time to time!

Yesterday (Friday), Wayne and I had my parents and my brother over for dinner. We had steak, salad, and baked potato. Everything turned out wonderful! The weather was nice so we sat outside on the deck and talked while the steaks were cooking. It was dark, so it spoiled my idea of eating outside! So instead, we ate inside with the windows up! The food was awesome! We chatted for a while before everyone had to go to turn in for bed!

Today (Saturday), the weather has be awesome! I woke up this morning and put on my shorts, tank top, and flip-flops. I have spent most of the day outside and have loved every minute of it! Tonight, we are going to Anthony's for a cook out! Gonna kick back and have myself a good ole time! Not sure who's gonna be there, but I know three people that will...Wayne, me, and of course, Anthony! I just love this time of year when the weather is nice and all of the gang can get together for cook outs and get togethers!

As far as our house hunting goes, we are still looking. We have found 2 that we really like, but haven't really decided anything as of yet. This is hard work! But it's also a big investment! I've never done anything to get credit...never bought a car, got a loan, got a credit card, NOTHING. So this is a huge investment for me! I am very excited! I have put it in God's hands that we will find something nice. I also have a wonderful Chritian lady helping us along the way! I know there is something out there and we will find it!