Sunday, March 8, 2009

One Weird Night....

Last night, the gang had a blast! We grilled hamburgers & hot dogs. We had some baked beans and chips. It was really nice! Since the weather was really nice, I got out the blender we got for a wedding gift (that has never been opened) and took it to the cook out. We made some smoothies! They were a hit! After the sun went down and it was dark, we headed outside and started a bon-fire! We were having a blast. Right down the road we started seeing blue lights. They had started a license check! Let's just say we could see everything and hear a lot too! We were sitting there minding our business and somewhere through the woods behind Anthony's house we heard a scream! We didn't pay it no never mind...we just kept on with the party! Wayne and I got ready to leave and went in the house to clean up some things (maybe gone 10 minutes), went back to say goodbye, and left. As soon as we got home, the phone was Anthony! He asked Wayne if he remembered hearing that person get slammed against the car? Wayne told him it must have happened while we were inside. Anthony proceeded to tell Wayne what they heard. He said about 5 minutes after we pulled out his driveway, 2 guys came walking up through the woods! Jamie grabbed his shotgun and the guys took off into his neighbors yard, got in a car and drove off!!!! Then a cop came flying by and a few houses down pulled them over! Anthony said he went down to the license check and told the cops they came through the woods through his yard & into his neighbors yard and left with a car from there! The officers said, "Oh really," told him thank you and sent Anthony on his way! I told Wayne had we still been there I would have peed in my shorts!!!!

I'm sure with their location the cops got a lot of intoxicated people! We had an awsome time last night! I can't wait to do it again! Hopefully we can start doing this every month, that would be awesome!

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